Holy Stone HS200W FPV RC Drone: My Review Of This Highly Recommended Drone Under $100

ACE Drone Review: Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

Highly Recommended Camera Drone

Quality drone under $100

Flying a drone has to be the coolest hobby ever.  No other hobby allows you to perform cool flying maneuvers, take aerial photography and video recording at the same time. 

Having been into this hobby for quite awhile, I understand it quite difficult to find a good quality and affordable drone especially for the new comers.  As there are almost too many choices, I believe I have found a drone that gives you the most bang for your buck.

The good new is you can actually get a good quality drone under $100. The Holy Stone HS200 is a light weight and sturdy quadcopter that performs well in both aerial maneuvers and video capturing.  Some of the many useful functions such as 6 Axis Gyro Stability, One Key Return etc can greatly stabilize the drone so that you can have a great time flying and with a less shake, video recording and picture taken will be sharper when being captured on the 720p HD cam. 

After spending some time with my new drone, I would like to share with you the features of the drone and why I consider the Holy Stone HS200 to be ideal Drone Under $100.


What is aerial video recording and why a camera drone… aerial-view-1

It is the recording of videos of the ground from an elevated/direct-down position. Usually the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Hence by doing so, you will be able to capture certain angles which is only possible by using a quad copter/drone.


Why the Holy Stone HS200 RC Quadcopter Helicopter Drone is so effective…drone-2-copy

The HS200 is performs well in flying and aerial videography as it has
1. 6 Axis Gyro Stability
2. 360 degree eversion
3. 720P HD REAL TIME Video Camera (2MP, 1280×720 Pixel)

These are the features which will allow you to capture unforgettable and breathtaking moments at certain height and angles that only a camera drone is able to be in.

Other features…

Altitude Hold: Lock the height automatically so sharper pictures/ videos can be captured

Headless mode: In simple terms, it is basically a method implemented on a drone that allow pilots to give up worrying about orientation altogether. So when you press left it goes left, press right it goes right etc regardless of orientation.

One key return: Drone returns back to player in the push of a button

2.4GHZ Channel: 2.4G technology makes it possible for several models being played at the same time without interference

Mobile app controls: Control the drone with a smart phone in the App to activate multiple functions such as Gravity SENSOR Mode which allows the user to control the flight by holding and moving the smart phone accordingly. Operate the camera function and flight on the App interface. App is available on both Android and iOS.


Content of the box:

drone-content1* HS200 Quadcopter with Camera
1* 2.4GHz Controller
1* Phone Holder
1* USB Charger
4* Spare Propellers
1* 4GB Micro-SD Card
1* Card Reader
1* 3.7V 650mAh LiPo Battery
1* User Manual
1* Screwdriver
4* Screws for drone
4* Screws for blades

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Who should get this..

  • Drone enthusiast, DUH!..
    A great performing camera drone that outweighs the cost. Great for beginners too.
  • Into Aerial Photography/ Videography… 
    It can be use for activities such as  sports, traveling, photography business,  blogging, vlogging etc, capturing great moments and beautiful scenery at different vantage point will be piece of cake.
  • Have fun..  
    You will get the most satisfying feeling once you are able to seamlessly maneuver. Really, I know 🙂
    Drones are the technology of the future and the skill set of flying a drone will very much be in demand.


What Others Are Saying About The HS200 RC drone…

“This is an awesome starting to intermediate drone. I love how easy it is to control and fly. At first I was really confused as to how to use the app. All I was able to do with it was to jest stream the video, but couldn’t fly it with the phone. It turned out to be lack of instructions in the manual, it didn’t specify that you have to fly with either through the phone app or the controller. So if you plan on just using the app and phone to control the drone, make sure you don’t turn on the controller as it will interrupt the signal with the phone. This thing is really fun to fly, and even my wife who has never flown a drone got to fly it and was successful at it. Now she wants one. This is not complicated to control at all, with the exception of the phone setting issues stated before. The video quality is a bit under exposed for my taste but easily adjusted on post. Also depending on the software you use, the avi file it produces will not be compatible. Therefore you would need to get a file converter to move a video. I will definitely by again, and recommend it to my friends.” – David Zayas
“Had been playing with a friends Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone for the past few days and had a great time with it. Had so much fun, I ordered this one for myself. They take a little time to get use to flying but the drone is pretty sturdy and in a short time, you can fly it pretty well.

This is a great drone for flying around outside or just one to fly for fun around the house. The camera is ok but don’t expect high end videos or pictures but they are ok.
Bottom line is that for the cost, this is a great drone and you will have lots of fun with it.” – lahd4u


“This HS200 drone is an excellent value and a great flier. The altitude lock function works great and once you get the trim setup properly this is a very versatile little drone. It is also quite fast and powerful, and runs for a long amount of time off of a single charge – I get about 8-10 minutes per battery. As a side note. I highly recommend getting the extra battery pack set with the USB charger to support much more time in the skies. You will have a blast with this thing. setting up the FPV on my galaxy S4 was very easy and works great.video was good but some lag to it when watching live video, after downloading video on my computer the video quality was much better & pictures are pretty good as well. this quad is well made for the size and is a great quad for beginners. as for the seller. I give them an A++++++ on customer service. they take pride in their products and will do whatever it take’s to make sure you are 100% satisfied. I will be buying more products from them in the near future. thank you. Holy Stone your the best.” – JG


(Read more Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera testimonial here)


Final Verdict:

– Controls are easy to learn and use. thumbs-up
– Different modes for beginner (like me) to expert
– Pictures/ videos taken are of great quality
– The Mobile app is responsive and works well
– Great value for its price

The HS200 camera drone is recommended for both beginners and intermediate level drone pilots. The guards protect the blades and camera from impact of crashes.


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Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy the Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera?

A: You can get it directly through this link 


Thank you and I hope that you will have an enjoyable flying experience.